West Africa Center for Peace Studies

We focus on peace and conflict transformation, governance, diplomacy, development assistance, humanitarian aid, gender and human rights, security and strategic studies. Work is also progressing on West and East African studies, transitional justice and post-conflict reconstruction.

2004 – TO DATE

Our Background

West Africa Center for Peace Studies (WACPS) an independent, non-partisan, non-profit research and advocacy-based and policy focused organization, based in Accra, Ghana, was founded in 2004 by Africans from diverse professional backgrounds dedicated to the promotion of democracy, good governance, peace and development in West and East Africa. The centre provides research, training and advocacy support in its aim to enhance peace and human development initiatives at all levels in the region in particular and Africa as a whole.

Our Mission

The Center’s main goal is to help build lasting peace and justice in West, Central and East Africa, in particular, Africa in general.

We pursue our mission via:

Researching and producing publications on issues relating to human rights, peace and security, good governance and development in Africa in order to improve practice and policy

Supporting groups working at local, national and international levels to develop effective solutions to social, economic and political problems related to violent conflicts

Providing training for key public and civic institutions of working for peace, security and democratic governance in the region
Promoting peace-building and democratic conflict management in the African region.

Providing opportunities for inclusive dialogue and improved relationships within conflict affected communities at all social and political levels
Engaging and influencing governments and other decision makers to employ conflict transformation policies that promote alternatives to violence

Challenging stereotypes and raise awareness of human rights, conflict and peace issues in African countries

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Peace building and conflict

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Gender, human rights and

Security and strategic studies

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Governance and Africa diplomacy
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Our Achievements

The center has designed and encouraged national, regional and international conferences, round table debates and symposia in support of various subjects in the broader area of the center’s thematic interest.

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