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West Africa Center for Peace Studies

We focus on peace and conflict transformation, governance, diplomacy, development assistance, humanitarian aid, gender and human rights, security and strategic studies. Work is also progressing on West and East African studies, transitional justice and post-conflict reconstruction.

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Who We Are

West Africa Center for Peace Studies (WACPS) an independent, non-partisan, non-profit research and advocacy based and policy-focused organization, registered under the laws of the United States of America (501 (C) (3) and that of Ghana with its offices based in Dumfries Virginia, USA and Accra, Ghana, was founded in 2004 by Africans from diverse professional backgrounds dedicated to the promotion of democracy, good governance, peace and development in West and East Africa. The centre provides research, training and advocacy support in its aim to enhance peace and human development initiatives at all levels in the region in particular and Africa as a whole.

Our Mission

To promote peace, human rights, democracy and development through training, research, advocacy and partnership.

We pursue our mission via:

How We Work

WACPS works in partnership with a variety of institutions and organizations – locally and internationally. These organizations include community groups and civil society organizations in West and East Africa, peace and conflict-oriented NGOs and research institutions in Africa and internationally, and academic institutions around the world.

What We Do

These are our programs

The main themes that we focus on are peace and conflict transformation, governance and diplomacy in Africa…

Development, Social Work and Rural Studies Programme

In a region wracked by civil wars and conflict, peace building has become a pivotal issue in the pursuit of democracy.

Gender, Human Rights and Migration Programme

Gender means the roles, relationships, experiences and expectations of men, women, boys and girls that are constructed by society on the basis of their sex.

Security and Strategic Studies Programme

In view of the special role the military has played in politics and the changing political environment in the region

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June 11-August 6, 2022

The Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies (USA) in collaboration with International Commission of Diplomacy and Global Affairs, powered by the Global Diplomatic Council (The Hague) Academy African Scholars for Social Change (USA) & West Africa Center for Peace Studies (Ghana) calls for application for a study in INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, GOVERNANCE AND DIPLOMACY STUDIES
This programme provides the expertise and skills in global governance and diplomacy required to pursue a fruitful career within an international organization and their member states, or a non-governmental organization operating within global politics.
Throughout the programme you will gain a deeper understanding of the transnational nature of governance and diplomacy. You will analyze the governance regimes that seek to address global challenges, questioning why such regimes succeed or fail, along with the politics underpinning current diplomatic practice and the obstacles to change.
The practical focus of the programme will ensure you are well-equipped to succeed in this field, with advanced knowledge of lobbying, report writing, negotiating, and campaigning.
Research expertise
You will benefit from the research expertise and experience of staff contributing to the programme. Our staff have experience working with major international bodies such as the United Nations, African Union, European Union etc.
The intensive 10-weeks program is designed to develop professional, research and analytical potentials of the students. 
Courses in the core curriculum is focus on the following seven main themes
* Policy Analysis for International Governance.
* International Political Economy and Economic Policy.
* International Law.
* Strategy, Leadership and Management.
* International Organizations and fundamentals of diplomacy.
* Leadership and management in diplomacy.
* Diplomacy and foreign affairs.
Since this program integrates the study of diplomacy alongside international governance (i.e., public analysis, international political economy, law and management), students will have the opportunity of doing internship with our associating diplomatic partners and missions.
Learning and teaching
We use a variety of teaching and learning methods to help you make the most of your studies. These will include lectures, seminars, and online learning, as well as practice-based workshops to develop skills such as report writing, presentation and campaign skills, media training, and negotiation.
On this course you’ll be taught by our expert academics, from lecturers through to professors. You may also be taught by industry professionals with years of experience, as well as trained postgraduate researchers, connecting you to some of the brightest minds.
IF this is a course for you, please apply: https://jagils.org/Diplomacy-studies
Application deadline: May 31, 2022

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