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Peace building and Conflict Transformation Programme

In a region wracked by civil wars and conflict, peace building has become a pivotal issue in the pursuit of democracy. The Center carries out research on peace building and conflict management in West and East Africa, including the role of civil organizations, political leaders, and the military.

Most activities to promote peace are not about formal mediation between governments and armed groups. The picture is more complex. Transforming conflict requires processes that work at all levels of society and involves different people in many roles, from civil servants and NGO activists to local journalists working with parties in the conflict and across conflict divides. We offer long-term and flexible support to help strengthen their efforts and tackle the underlying causes that fuel and prolong conflicts

Understanding the root causes of conflict is key to any intervention. Beginning with an in-depth assessment of all conflict situations is the strategy. On peacebuilding, the center will provide information on peace building activists, activities and institutions in Africa.

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Promoting locally-led peace initiatives in Africa, which is a highly war-affected region.
  • Encouraging dialogue across conflict divides.
  • Documenting and analysing peace.
  • Promoting opportunities for comparative learning

The Center is committed to ensuring that addressing conflict becomes a key part of the international development agenda. We aim to ensure that global development policies and policy discussions are better informed so international institutions understand the value of placing conflict at the centre of their analysis and programming.

The debate around the relationship between development work, humanitarian assistance and conflict dynamics is constantly evolving and we are at the forefront of developing analysis based on the realities on the ground. We also work with development practitioners in West and East African countries affected by conflict, helping to connect the international development and conflict discourse with everyday realities faced by development practitioners working in these conflict-affected countries.