Mrs. Gifty Mensah Migyikra (G.MM)

Co-founder and the Principal

Gifty Mensah Migyikra is a co-founder and the Principal at Migyikra Memorial, Cultural, Band and Musical Institute (MMCBMI). The institute was established in honor of her beloved father in law, the late Migyikra Yaw Tawiah Denteh (a.k.a A1 Migyikra, Oska Mathias), a village philanthropist, storyteller, peoples’ man and music lover.

Mrs. Migyikra is an experienced nurse in Virginia, USA and trained Social worker with competence in community development, interpersonal skills, relationship building, critical thinking, empathy, bookkeeping and administration.

In addition to her nursing apprenticeship training in USA, she completed Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration from Victoria University, Kampala Uganda.

Gifty is a philanthropist and always prepared in supporting vulnerable population(s), individuals and groups. She is the founder of Institute of Africa Fashion & Creative Art- Migyikra Fashion and Design Ltd, which she created during her three years stay in Uganda.

Gifty Mensah Migyikra is very industrious and resourceful. She is an honorary member and a fellow at West Africa Center for Peace Studies and Chief Executive Officer of Migyikra General Construction, Engineering and Survey Works, located in New Dowhenya, Community 25, Tema Ghana.